What Are My Options for the Best Drain Cleaning Machine?


Recycling industrial waste is a critical business; you need to have a strong, reliable, and durable Cleaning Drain Cleaning machine. Duracable has been producing drain cleaners since 1935 and therefore not only knows the industry, but also builds the most reliable equipment on the market.

They have been at the forefront of new designs and features for over 80 years, so you know you are getting the best quality available.

In terms of diversity, Duracable offers large snake machines, hand-held machines, and a host of other industrial equipment. You can also be sure that all Duracable waste disposal equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is made of the finest materials. One of the best options for many industrial applications is the DM10 SP water pump. The machine comes with a 16-inch steel wheel and a? – inch 75-foot drain cable. Despite its compact design, the DM10 SP sports a? a horsepower motor running at 195 RPM. It is easy to move to and from the workplace, and it can easily find a well-planned job. The DM10 SP has a two-tube frame that protects the wires inside the machine, which ensures that the DM10 remains safe and reliable. DM10 is limited to cleaning plumbing, sinks, roof pipes, bathroom drains and more. Moving the DM10 to and from the workplace would not have been easy, as its two wheels and light design contributed to easy transportation.

Another good option is the DM150A1 Pivot Drain cleaner. The machine is powered by a 1/4 HP engine and has a – – inch, 75-foot drain cable tied with a polyethylene reel. This ensures that the drain cable remains the same and works in a safe, reliable manner. The DM150A1 operates at 250 RPM, which makes it much more powerful than the DM10. This machine is compact but has incredible power, so you can easily erase many stubborn clogs. One of the most interesting things about the DM150A1 is that it can rotate from 0- to 90-degrees. This feature makes it one of the most versatile waste disposal machines on the market today. Its rotational ability also makes it an extremely easy machine to work with. Although it does not have wheels like the DM10 SP, its compact design works with you to ensure you can install it anywhere and clean any water leak. The DM150A1 has five locks that keep the spool closed and customized during your operation. These spools ensure that you can customize your work environment in ways that work for you. It will allow you to know even the most confined space while you are working.

Choosing drain cleaning equipment often goes down to finding the right supplier. A good provider can direct you to a machine that will make your job easier, cleaner, and faster, while ensuring you get the highest possible price.

Duracable is an awesome provider of cables, tools, and equipment for plumbers and DIY craftsmen. They have been serving customers within the plumbing industry since 1981. Duracable prides itself on their professional product knowledge and ability to educate their customers. They understand that their customers rely on large machines and that their equipment reflects them directly. You can contact Duracable directly by phone at (515-512-9817) and speak to a reputable, professional representative today. Duracable drain cleaning machines also come with two-year warrants, which ensures you have consistent peace of mind while in the workplace. Work safely and intelligently Free Free Reprint Articles, work with Duracable!


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